Because the future of work should be flexible, async, but human.

We meet to make decisions, to sync with our team, ask for feedback, share our plan... but forcing all participants to be connected at the same time is a pain, especially in this remote-distributed world. 

Hi! If you are here, I'm sure you have felt that meetings are breaking your day and wasting your time. And while chat or email are good amazing, they lack the human touch.  We've experienced it ourselves! That's why we started building 


Our team brings long experience in fast-growing startups and scaling up products. We've suffered the meeting madness ourselves, and yes, we are crazy enough for this adventure!

If you are interested in joining our team, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us at

Jordi Llosa
Lluís M. Ventura
Marc Font

From Barcelona to the World

Remote is part of from its foundation. We started the company in Barcelona, but we are already building from 6 different cities in Italy, Poland, and Spain (and growing!). We know that humble people who enjoy breaking barriers are everywhere and we are hiring! Want to join Comeet?