Stop the

meeting madness

Agendas that are always there, one-click shared decisions and meeting performance feedback. All in your calendar, now, supercharged

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Meeting outcomes that leave a mark. Share work that's to be done inside your calendar with anyone. The who's, whats and due dates are all clear.

Agendas that prepare for success. Comeet automatically detects meetings that don't have set objectives and advises organizers to clarify.  

Feedback that enables you to  grow. Have a voice to change things. It takes only 5 seconds. 


Entrepreneur and Angel investor

"Keep meetings short, actionable and small. Any meeting with eight people sitting around a conference table. Nothing is getting done in that meeting. You’re literally just dying one hour at a time."


Chief Digital Evangelist


"You likely have to get management approval for a $500 expense...but you can call a 1-hour meeting with 20 people and no one notices."


Entrepreneur & Investor


"At the end of every meeting, create a feedback google doc. Share with every attendee. You will learn a lot. Make this part of your company culture."

Imagine your life 

without misunderstandings and forgotten actions