25% of your organization

time is meetings

Comeet helps you make the most of your time. Effective meetings made simple. Agendas, shared decisions, and feedback at one click. And 100% integrated into your Calendar.

Works in: 

The perfect meeting workflow at one click. In your Calendar. 


Help your teams have better meetings seamlessly. Agendas, outcomes, and feedback on each meeting made easy, trackable and secure.

Real collaboration seamlessly and company-wide. 


Docs, Jira, Basecamp, Todoist, Notion ...  but which tool helps everyone to collaborate when they meet? Comeet is integrated into your org. Calendar and connected with the tools your teams love.

Put meeting best practices into action.


Best practices integrated in the day to day of your people. Stop creating policies that stand only in paper and create awareness and accountability every time your people meet. 

Ignasi Vliajosana

CEO - Worldsensing

Comeet is helping Worldsensing create awareness and accountability on meetings and make super easier to our people to embrace our meeting ettiquette

Decisions shared,

a team without confusion,

tasks that get done.