Frequently Asked Questions

Is free?

Yes! is free and there will be always a freemium. We are inbeta and we expect your feedback to improve, so please say us what oyu think, how you use it, or what to improve. In the future, some extended features will be available for a fee.

When will be available for other browsers?

We are working on it! Now we are compatible with Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Brave, and soon we will release a version of compatible with Firefox. Others will also come.

Is compatible only with GCalendar

A version for Office365 will come. If you are interested, please, join our waiting list to be the first to test it!

Other participants don't need to be users, what do you mean?

To create an async meeting/conversation in you need to be user. But when you invite others to a conversation they can contribute without signing in. They will receive a secure magic link to participate in the conversation in video audio or text.