What's inside

📝 Shared meeting notes

Collaborative agendas, notes, and to-dos automatically shared. 

☑️ My tasks and overview

See all your meeting (and your peers) to-dos in a single view.

🔗 Related meetings

Past meetings notes and agreements to make follow-ups in seconds.

Follow-up Agendas, take notes and assign next-steps in Google Meet. Without leaving the meeting


See your notes organized in one simple space grouped by meeting


Get notified in Slack (or email) about coming agendas and assignments.

🔎 Quick Search

Search notes, to-dos and related meetings in seconds.

         Meeting context

Related documents and emails to have all the context you  need. Goodbye search!

😃 Reactions/feedback

Provide feedback about the meeting. Now, with emojis.

🔒 Private notes

You can take notes and to-dos only for you. 

🗂️ Comeet.me cards

Tips, quotes and assistant. Small actions, powerful results.