Transform your meetings into a powerful tool

Give and receive feedback.

In 2 weeks, you will have less and better meetings.

Works in: 

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Start rating your meetings,

help your organization (and yourself)

to respect your time.

Have a voice to change things. Provide feedback, takes only 5 seconds.

See the collected feedback right in your Google Calendar!

Boost your meeting quality  based on real feedback from your peers!  

What people say


Executive Coach

"We can't just sit back and wait for feedback to be offered. If we want feedback to take root in the culture, we need to explicitly ask for it.


Chief Digital Evangelist


“You likely have to get management approval for a $500 expense...but you can call a 1-hour meeting with 20 people and no one notices.”


Entrepreneur & Investor


“At the end of every meeting, create a feedback google doc. Share with every attendee. You will learn a lot. Make this part of your company culture.”

Life is too short to spend it on boring meetings