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Async first Manifesto

Meetings, meetings, meetings. We all have them (maybe lots of them), we all hate those that are useless, that makes us feel losing time, breaking our day into pieces. And yes, sometimes you organize them, and sometimes you just attend to them.

You need to move work forward, to discuss a topic, to align your team or to understand the status of that project that is delaying. Then you just create that meeting; sometimes just a title, sometimes with an agenda, sometimes even with a pre-read. Then what? Everyone expects everything to happen in real-time, to listen to your presentation for 30 minutes, to react with just a few minutes or seconds of thinking, to listen to the extroverts monopolizing the discussions,... Now multiply that by 5, 10, or even more during your week.

Is that the best we can do? Really?

How many meetings could you avoid just with a simple yet focused asynchronous conversation with the attendees? How would your decisions change if responses instead of being almost real-time are transformed into real-thoughts at your pace? How more inclusive and impactful would be to give everyone a voice? And how focused-to-the point would even be that meeting after an offline conversation?

We are all having meetings, but we are doing them really bad!


That's why Comeet.me is creating asynchronous first meetings; to discuss, to present, to share, to receive feedback and then decide if the meeting is needed or not, and to really focus those that should happen.

Video, Voice, Text, Links, Documents, just for everyone to have a natural conversation offline. Then is your decision to move on without the meeting or have it, but just going to the point. Your choice!


Save time, a lot of time, moving work forward at your pace.

Asynchronous most of the time, synchornous some times