Best Practices for Remote Meetings

In these days of uncertainty, you are most likely working from home (stay there, please!), maybe for the first time. This situation implies new ways of organizing, communicating, and coordinating with the rest of your team, organization, customers, and suppliers.

Remote meetings have become the new normal and are a useful way to stay in touch and aligned with the rest of the team while working remotely. Remote meetings can be challenging and have their own dynamics. So, to optimize time and help the meeting be a success, we've compiled a set of best practices for remote meetings.

Set an agenda in advance.

If you are calling for a meeting (online or not), you have to define the reason for the meeting and let every attendee know as well. It's that simple.

Invite only relevant people.

When remote (also when in person) try to keep meetings as small as possible. Think twice about who needs to attend and who is not necessary, then invite only the list of relevant people. It will save time for everyone, and improve the chance of meeting success.

Test Tech setup 5 min in advance.

Can you hear me? Can you see me? … no one likes wasting time, even if they are at home. So, everyone should test their microphones, videocams and any tool used in the meeting in advance.

Make time for casual conversation.

Use it as an icebreaker. These days we aren't as in touch as we are in the office. Health and safety always come first, so show you care about them more than you care about work.

Remember the goal of the meeting.

Once the ice is broken, it’s time to get to the point. Why are we meeting? What is our objective?

Give everyone a voice.

As the meeting facilitator, ask each participant directly for their opinion. They are invited for a reason, so give them the opportunity to express themselves.

Share Next Steps and Decisions.

Make sure the meeting is useful, and that everyone is in sync and fully understands what to do next. Be brief and concise.

Video ON and MUTE when not talking.

If your connection allows it, please use your video, as it brings a human side to a remote meeting. Avoid unnecessary noise when you are not talking. Everyone will appreciate it.

Don’t work on other tasks.

Be respectful, be present, and pay attention. Trust your employees or colleagues by not taking on their work.

Don’t interrupt others (or attempt to speak over them).

When remote, interruptions or speaking over others comes across as pure noise. If you want to say something, wait until everyone else has finished first.

With you can keep everyone in sync and never forget agreed next-steps. It's that easy, that powerful!

Having said this, we hope you are all doing well. Please, stay home, stay safe, and stay strong.  And remember, Comeet is here to make remote life a little bit easier by making effective meetings easy.