• Lluís M. Ventura

What's your #1 productivity hack?

Some days ago we launched this question to the Product Hunt and Hacker News community. It’s on time optimization and effectiveness where most of our efforts recall and working from home these days is a challenge that everyone is facing.

We wanted to know and share knowledge and experiences on the matter with the community, and we received lots of interesting tricks and hacks that people are using daily to improve their focus. So, here’s a compilation of the most interesting productivity hacks shared:

1.- Task lists and Prioritize them. Pick the right thing to work on and the time it should occupy.

2.-Stay away from the mobile phone. A simple notification may take you 20 minutes jumping from one social network to another.

3.- Do only one thing at a time, even if it means having to hold off replies to the team. Tick off one thing, then get back to next and in between keep time for team conversations. Too many tabs open lead to chaos.

4.- Productivity techniques like the Pomodoro Timer are consistent on determined periods of concentrated work time (usually between 25 and 40 minutes), followed by short breaks.

Remember that Comeet is a tool specially created to optimize time, prioritizing tasks, having clear deadlines, synching teams, and reducing meetings time.

5.- Having slept enough at night helps a lot.

6.- Coffee, too, is one of the preferred answers.

7.- Keyboard hacks and shortcuts commands.

8.- identifying the things that drain your battery throughout the day (e.g. messy room, slow phone) and the things that recharge your battery (e.g. calling a friend, taking the bike to work) and acting accordingly.

9.- Having a nice computer.

10. Silence. Using hearing protectors.

12. Specific music pieces or playlists that make you focus.

13. The word “No”. No to meetings, to unnecessary interruptions, etc.

What’s your productivity hack that we are missing? We would love to know!

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