Customer meetings? Use Comeet.

As a part of a Customer Success and/or support organization, these days is crucial to maintain communication with your clients and let them know that despite the COVID-19 crisis, you still care about them and your company keeps ongoing. Well, you all know how important it is to have that call with customers during the on-boarding process, to solve potential issues or educate the client on your product. At this stage, it is vital to establish clear and concise next steps following the call to secure your customer’s trust.

In your role, there are many notes and to-do lists involved, which can be logged in multiple locations. These notes may be taken during meetings or directly after, and typically you send a follow-up to your customer with a summary of the notes to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This will involve several emails going back and forth to clarify the next steps and sometimes even another call if there's still confusion about what's to come. This process leads to frustration for both CS, Support professionals, and their customers.

What if you could make this process more streamlined and professional? This is where Comeet comes in: During your meeting (in your Calendar or using the Comeet extension) you can jot down decisions and next steps in real-time. The notes will automatically be shared with customers whether or not they use Comeet. This ensures everyone is on the same page immediately. even take it one step further; Every time you make a change, add an action or include something new, the customer will be notified in real-time. And additionally, the customer can provide immediate feedback - meaning that you always know if you're providing top service and have information that will help you to constantly make improvements.

With Take back control while keeping your customer informed. It's that easy, that powerful!

Customer trust and relationships are key. Comeet ensures your customers will receive immediate communication and see how involved you are, which will strengthen trust in the team and your brand. It's quick and effective!