Free Backgrounds to your Zoom meetings!

Well, it's many weeks confined, working from home and making zoom calls with colleagues, peers, bosses, and customers. So, let's put some fun (or message) on our calls! Let's try to, at least make this time a little bit funnier! Enjoy and use the one that better fits your mood/day.

The NEW Normal v1.

This is a tribute to this guy, our pioneer, the one that shows us in advance how our days will look like. If you want to feel like him on every meeting, just give it a try

And remember, can help you on making your meetings more collaborative, well prepared, focused, and into action. And everything inside your Calendar. That simple, that powerful.


Your peers and colleagues will think that you are a The Lord of the Rings follower, but you know that we mean another thing... If your meeting is not as important as this one, please don't call me!

The NEW normal V2

Yes, this is the one made for all of you that think that this is like an eternal merge between Sunday and Monday. That is, working (or trying to) and with your kids around (that I'm sure are helping make your day :) ). Just say it loud in your next meeting and you will see how relaxed you feel!

The Note Taker

We made that one for you, the GUY who takes notes, the user (we love you!!!), the one that will share them after the meeting,.... and the one that everybody else thinks is just doing other things while meeting! We are with you!!! (and we know, sometimes you just do it!)

The Best Practices for Remote

This is for the one who is used to remote, meeting with others that have never done remote before. This is a message for your colleagues, to mute their micros when they are not speaking. Do you think they will get it? Or maybe it isn't clear enough! ;P

PD: Remember to uncheck the mirror effect in your Video settings.