• Lluís M. Ventura

What free Zoom background fits you?

Updated: May 17, 2020

Some days ago, when most of the world was initiating remote meetings and video calls, we published a post where we provided you with some free Zoom backgrounds. Now that we are pro Zoom users, we can go one step further. We have developed a test so that you can have the perfect Zoom background.

What kind of humor do you like?

A. All

B. Weird

C. None

Do you consider yourself:

A. Exaggerated

B. Minimalist

C. Just a normal person

Your job colleagues are:

A. Funny, cool people, just like me

B. From another era, in the past, specifically

C. From another era, in the future.


Mostly A.

Here you have some Zoom backgrounds that might be perfect for you, and for sure your colleagues will love, and if they don’t, what’s the matter? We are here for the lols. can help you on making your meetings more collaborative, well prepared, focused, and into action. And everything inside your Calendar. That simple, that powerful.

Mostly B.

We feel you, man. So, these are for you. They may not get it, but they never got you anyways.

Mostly C.

There’s a Zoom background for anyone, even for you, there where you are. You will surely love them:

Want more free Zoom backgrounds? Just check this gallery from our friends at Biteable!

PD: Remember to uncheck the mirror effect in your Video settings.