• Lluís M. Ventura

How to improve my meetings in 5 tips

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

In my life as a professional working in several companies and start-ups, I have spent a lot (I mean A LOT) of hours in meetings, where I interacted with other people on behalf of the company, my team and myself. But, one of the questions that has obsessed me for all these years was: am I using all this time in meetings wisely or is it a waste of time for everyone? I finally came up with some conclusions that helped me optimize my meetings. So, to save your time and mine, here are my 5 tips to make the most of your meetings.

Prepare your meetings in advance

As an organizer, make sure the objective of the meeting is clear and what issues are going to be tackled. This way, you help get results by going directly to the key points. As an attendee, think what your contribution can be, take some time to understand the meeting and prepare it in advance.

Express your opinions

Take an active role in the meeting (otherwise, excuse yourself and use this time to do other things), take part, give your opinion and pose questions. All this will contribute to making this time more productive for everyone. You are in the meeting for a reason!

Take notes

Take notes, it's a great way to remember what has been discussed, what has been decided and what actions are still pending. If you can, share your notes with the rest of the people at the meeting. Make them know this time is important!

If you think you are not necessary, let the organizer know

If you think you can’t contribute anything valuable to that meeting, or if you think that meeting is unnecessary, talk with the organizer. Your time, and everyone's, is precious. Let them know.

Give and ask for feedback

Understanding and learning what to improve are essential factors for continuous improvement. Ask what could be improved and provide the same feedback to others. You’ll see how many things you can learn with a simple gesture.

Do you want to grow your career? Understand how others perceive your meetings? Learn tips and tricks to be more effective? Your answer is

By applying these actions and changing my attitude towards meetings a little bit, I not only gained time by reducing unnecessary meetings, but also became more valuable as a part of the organization. It didn’t take me much to understand that a good opportunity for someone to shine is by interacting with others, and meetings aren’t anything but professional interaction. Making an effort to contribute and improve your meetings really makes you a more valuable professional.