Remote meetings?

Remote working is on the brain more and more because of its advantages (time saved on commuting, life-work balance, working per projects, fewer interruptions...) and for the fact that it is, indeed, a usual practice that has long been implemented in certain kinds of companies.

However, these days, due to COVID-19, it seems to, unfortunately, be more present than ever and will become the new normal.

Many companies and workers have had to adapt from one day to another, working remotely. Even if it’s temporary, adaptation to this new way of working will potentially be arduous. Establishing concentration at home, building efficiency as a remote team… and also, the biggest concern: how can you ensure that your team is synched while working from home?

Now, you may be wondering: how is the team's way of interacting, meeting, and synching affected when most people, or at least a great percentage of employees, are scattered?

Luckily for you, there’s Comeet. Remote teams can use Comeet to recap and keep in sync. It is ideal for meetings where you can't be in person - but are on a call (with Zoom or Google Hangouts).

Just try it: in your next remote meeting, write down decisions and next-step items while on the call, and Comeet will automatically synch a recap in your emails and calendars, reminding everyone of the work to be done when the call finishes.

Not only this but Comeet is also great for team leaders. If all team members use the extension, it becomes collaborative - meaning that every time an employee makes an action, checks their calendar, or if something new arises, they can make a note of it and the whole team will be notified accordingly.

With you keep your control and the whole team keeps informed. It's that easy, that powerful.

Moreover, the whole team can give and receive feedback anonymously during the remote meeting. We know changes are difficult, but Comeet is here to make company life easier!