• Lluís M. Ventura

Remote work. The era of work flexibility is here.

Imagine you work on something related to what you chose to study, leading us to assume you work on something you enjoy. Now, in this Covid-19 era, your company has started to implement remote work and you are one of the lucky people who can fully work from home. Office days are over. Yes, you will probably miss some of your colleagues while at the same time glad to lose sight of others. But all in all, it’s clear that a new, more friendly work era has commenced.

Why is remote work better for you and your company?

Far from what some company’s managers or owners may think, remote work, when done well, is a great resource for both the company and the employees. On one hand, employees can organize their time and achieve results in a more comfortable, self-adaptable way. On the other hand, companies will see how their employees gain confidence when being more autonomous, self-responsible, and having a tailormade balance of professional and personal life, which will also make them more efficient.

But why is it still so common to see business owners being so suspicious about their employees working from home? There is still this old school idea of being a better professional if you spend more hours than the rest of your colleagues in the office. But the truth is that the more comfortable and happier people are in their job, the more productive they are.

Times have changed and so should some ancient perceptions of work too. Remote work, far from being distrustful, has to be friendly and tolerant. And thus, it’s now the time for the employees to show how they are able to self-organize, present results in time, be self-demanding, and integrate those abilities that concern their job into their life.

What’s the key?

People’s jobs, after all, are an essential part of their lives, and that’s why it is so important to integrate jobs in the most natural way possible into our lives. This means: from wherever you need to be, asynchronously, friendly, comfortably. Finding the balance between personal and professional. I mean, work doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. Neither employees nor managers should think that. You are supposed to have some interest in your job, even like it in some way. Set yourself up with weekly goals, share them with your team, assume the work you can do and express yourself when there’s too much. Be self-honest.

Now, ok, all this sounds great but let’s get to the point: how do we turn remote work into this rainbow path of happiness? Well, making our work async would be a good start. This means saving huge amounts of time on meetings (zooming) and interruptions while letting people adapt communication to the moment that suits them best.

Comeet has now developed a tool that offers a solution halfway between the inconvenience of real-time remote meetings and the coldness of emails. adds video-first async meetings to your calendar. Respect everyone's time and make thoughtful conversations without losing the human touch of face-to-face meetings.