Zooming all day long? Say NO!

We have been talking a lot lately about the benefits of remote meetings, especially now that we have to be confined. And there are, indeed: they are shorter, there are fewer interruptions when someone is talking, everyone has a voice… Despite the terrible situation, many people will have learned to value those benefits of remote working and the preciousness of their time.

However, there is something tricky in this situation. We are all at home. This means everyone knows where you are 24/7. Of course, your company’s manager and colleagues know it too. This may be misunderstood and there is the risk to take for granted that employees are always available to make a Zoom (a remote meeting).

Thinking that there is no excuse for you to say you cannot (remotely) meet at any time is a huge mistake. People must have their working timetable despite being at home, and one of the things that remote working should bring us is fewer interruptions and more focus time. Meetings cannot be held anytime for anything that comes up. Being remote is not like being desk to desk in your office, so do not mimic the same behavior full of interruptions. Yes, meetings are great to synchronize with our peers, to discuss and to make decisions so that everyone can do their job, at their pace, now, at home. 

It is important we all learn to value time even in the confinement era (first your own time, but also your peers’ and colleagues’ time). If you are thinking of holding a meeting, or you come up with something you would like to discuss, please, discern whether it is necessary to hold that meeting or not and think about what each attendee can contribute to, and how much time you really need. And another very important thing to learn yet by many is to say “No, I don’t think I can contribute”, or “No, I don’t think it is important, or urgent”, or justcan it be an email?”. offers a tool that allows the team to be ready collaboratively, and to be synched always, even remotely.

And do not forget, if the meeting has to be held, to take the maximum advantage of it, prepare for it and clarify next-steps so everyone can do their job better (now remote but also when in person).

Stay safe, stay home.