• Lluís M. Ventura

1:1s? Try walking meetings

Imagine that one day, the boss you sit every week with to have your regular (intense, sober, boring) department meeting, says “why don’t we take a walk to talk about it? My doctor says I need to walk for at least half an hour a day.” It would probably transform both your work and personal relationship.

Did you know that we try to sit still about nine hours a day in front of a computer trying to be productive and ironically, one of the things that makes us most effective is leaving our desks?

This was well-known by personalities such as Steve Jobs, in whose biography one can read: “taking a long walk was his preferred way to have a serious conversation.”

So here are 6 reasons why incorporating walking meetings in your company is a good idea:

  • Get inspired. Often the best ideas happen while walking. Science proves that moving energizes your brain and makes you (even) smarter.

  • Break Barriers. According to business school professor Russell Clayton "Walking meetings lead to better employee engagement by breaking down barriers between supervisor and subordinate or between co-workers."

  • Get attached. Out of the office you see your colleagues differently. Walking in the streets blurs the lines of this corporate feeling. Employees can talk about the same issues as in a meeting, but they can relate on a much more personal level.

  • Get energized. Do you know that going for a walk when you're tired may be a more effective energy boost than grabbing a cup of coffee? Sometimes you’re falling asleep at your desk. Walking meetings break the routine and energize you.

  • Get healthy. It’s an easy, cheap way to clear your head, stretch your legs, and integrate physical activity throughout your workday. You may even save going to the gym afterward!

  • Get relaxed. If you tend to be tense in the meetings and thus, find difficulty in expressing exactly what you want to express in public, walking may be the solution for you. When walking, you feel more relaxed, you can even forget that it’s "work", so it becomes a regular conversation where you can really be you.

Some tips on using walking meetings in your company

Well, let’s be clear: not every meeting is appropriate for walking meetings (for example, meetings that require video with other members). However, for those meetings that may make sense, inform the participants in advance that the meeting will be a walking meeting and make the meeting goal clear. Don’t gather a large group: two, three, four and up to five people is a proper amount of people for a walking meeting. And please, check the weather forecast! ☔

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Today people are more aware of the benefits of short breaks from their computers and desks, so walking meetings should become the new normal! Try it on your next 1:1 or team meeting, and let us know! You will repeat!