• Lluís M. Ventura

What shouldn’t change post COVID-19?

It is a fact that this new reality has led to new habits. Although most of this “new normality” is annoying, there are a few things that many want to stay. Or, said in another way, even when the vaccine is ready and applied to a vast majority of the citizens, you’ll still probably think twice before shaking hands with anyone you are introduced to.

But, leaving aside people’s own manias, there are indeed habits that are undoubtedly good and that should stay. For example:


It’s a fact that now sanitizers and restaurants (just to mention a couple of examples) are much cleaner than before in the era of pre-COVID-19.

Remote working

This is one of the aspects that many, many people would love to stay. When a balance between family life and work is found, remote working can be a time saver and a quality life magnifier.

People wearing a mask when sick

Even if it is just a plain cough. Why not. The Asian communities have been doing so for ages. It’s a matter of respect for other people, trying to prevent others in public places from catching a disease, even if it is a cough.

Remote meetings

Along the same line, remote meetings can save huge amounts of time. Regardless of where they are, they can make a Zoom or a Google Meet and have a 30-minute meeting. It should be enough to solve problems, organize, plan, and sync.

Why come back to endless meetings, or moving to that customer office that only leads you to work extra hours, when you can optimize time?

Remember Comeet is a useful tool that helps teams sync in remote and saves time for everyone.

College lectures live-streamed

For students outside the classroom: it is a way to make education accessible regardless of distance.

Social distancing with strangers in public places

You may agree with me that this creates a sense of security, not having a stranger stuck to your neck while queuing.

Grocery delivering

It saves a lot of time, let’s be honest. Moreover, you can choose a trustworthy store, or even several, for specific products from different places without wasting the entire afternoon.

What do you think shouldn't change after all?

Keep safe!