• Lluís M. Ventura

What you shouldn't do in a remote meeting

Remote meetings are already part of our “normal” day - if we can call this COVID-19 situation normal. In any case, since most of us are working remotely, we will easily have one or more remote meetings a day.

Probably, the first days of confinement we were stricter, more alert, and more aware in front of the screen during remote meetings. But, as it happens in many aspects of life, we might be progressively relaxing.

Fortunately for you, we are here to remind you what you shouldn’t be doing in remote meetings for a few, different reasons.

1.- Dress in pajamas (or putting on a shirt but keeping the pajama trousers).

This could be extended to tracksuits or all toooo comfortable clothes. Seriously, keep up your appearance.

2.- Go take a look at what you’re cooking or put on the washer.

Come on, it’s ok that you are at home but take the job seriously. You can’t just say, “Give me a sec, I’ve got dinner on the stove

3.- Slouch and yawn.

Ok, you are at home. You may be pretty comfortable but do not yawn. They can see you through the screen, remember! This includes ear tapping, nose picking, or scratching parts of the body you wouldn’t do in public. Needless to say too, but, well, don’t fart either.

4.- As long as possible, do not appear holding your kid while on screen.

Yes, they are cute, and we know that they will do it occasionally, but they’ll interrupt and everyone wants to finish the meeting soon and not waste much time on, “Hiiii, cutie, how are you? Are you having a good time at home with your parents? Say hellooo with your hand.”

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5.- Finally, and on the other extreme of these attitudes: don’t be the smart-ass who says, “Yesterday I went to bed at 2 am finishing today’s presentation.”

Or don’t work double the hours of your colleagues because everybody is doing what they can, combining staying at home with the family and working. Also, do not interrupt or correct the others in public or you will have no friends to have a coffee with when you are back in the office.