Comeet service providers

Thanks for using Comeet. At Comeet we are fully committed to protecting your confidentiality and your privacy.

Crystal clear. Comeet does not own your data, is not selling it to others and it is not using it for advertising (and we will never do). It is your data and we only use it to provide you the best service.

Last Updated: 16/12/2019

Below you can find all the companies we may share data with, with a detailed explanation as to why we do that. In case you need more information reach us at


Category: Operational services

These are the infrastructure services we use to keep Comeet up and running.

Data shared: Amazon Web Services – All user Personal and Accessed data, Auth0 - user email

Purpose: Hosting the Comeet platform, backups, real-time exception reporting and continuous deployment monitoring

Name: Amazon Web Services -Ireland- (AWS), Auth0



Category: Analytics

To make Comeet even better, we want to understand how you use them. These are analytical tools we use to help us understand that.

Data Disclosed: All user personal data excluding billing and invoice details

Purpose: To understand user behaviour inside Comeet platform, reporting and analytics

Name: Google Analytics, Amplitude*


Category: Customer Success

These are the tools we use to help us help you, when you need our support.

Data Disclosed: All user personal data

Purpose: Customer support, Customer relationship management and Onboarding through emails and in-app communications

Name: Intercom


Category: Marketing

Our Marketing team uses a range of tools to tell the world how good are efficient meetings.

Data Disclosed: User email addresses

Purpose: To target marketing campaigns at relevant audiences

Name: Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, LinkedIn






Category: Productivity tools

We sometimes share data within the company using Google’s productivity tools.

Data Disclosed: Might share some user related personal data

Purpose: To manage daily operations and collaboration with necessary stakeholders

Name: Google GSuite


* This provider may transfer, store and process your data in the US in line with EU Standard Clauses provisions