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If you are a user

Works in: 

Get Notified in Slack, never miss a point.

Get ready for Success

Comeet, will share upcoming agendas in advance via Slack, to make you ready, to make the most of your time.  

With Comeet, let everyone contribute to the meeting purpose with collaborative agendas. 


Put discussion into action

Transform every discussion into action items. Comeet will share them to every participant to keep you aligned.

Keep track of agreed to-do’s easily, and never again miss a point. Avoid useless follow-ups and get the job done.

Put discussions into action

Transform every discussion into action items on your Calendar. Comeet will notify you via slack after the meeting to never miss a point.

With Comeet, keep everyone aligned effortlessly and keep track of every agreement you made. 


Comeet is much more,

your meeting assistant

inside your Calendar

Collaborative Agendas

Meeting Next-steps

Meeting Feedback

Collaboration made easy, secure, effective.

Great meetings are a useful way to get synched, to take decisions, to boost your day, to feel like a team, to do your job. helps you move meetings into the future, at your pace. Because collaboration should be simple, straightforward and effective lives inside your Calendar and connected to your tools. To make it super-easy and for everyone.


Transform your meetings, 

into a powerful tool.