Record a 2min video

instead of running a full meeting! adds video-first async meetings to your calendar. Respect everyone's time and make thoughtful conversations with a human touch.


Async conversations inside your Calendar.

+3 of your weekly meetings could be async

Because not every discussion needs to happen in real-time.

 In minutes  instead of hours.

Get back your time. Simply start any discussion with a short video. Get directly to the point, and allow others to participate in their own way.


Bring time to work,

bring time  to think. 

Async provides the time for thoughtful responses, better decisions, and gives a voice to everyone without useless interruptions.

How easy is it? Other participants don't need to be users. Engage with everyone!


Async conversations, with a  human touch. 

Video and audio provide the way to create a personal connection.


Let others respond the way they need with video, text or voice.


Turn conversations into action. 

Async or not, easily write down and share meeting notes, decisions, and next-steps that stay in your Google Calendar. All in one place and accessible by your team. 

Let everyone contribute!

Their way, in their time.