The place for great meetings

inside your Calendar. creates a shared space in each event to keep track of all that matters. Always ready to transform meetings into powerful collaboration. Meetings well prepared, focused, and into action.


You spend +12h/week in meetings.

And most of them are useless.

Get aligned, boost your day, feel part of a team.

Collaboration should be simple, and effective, that's why we live your Calendar. For everyone, with everyone.

Get ready for Success

Set an agenda in seconds.

Let everyone contribute to the meeting purpose collaboratively.  Shared in advance, to make everyone ready

Transform every discussion into clear next-steps. Comeet will share them with every participant to keep everyone in sync.


Keep track of agreed to-do’s easily, and never again miss a point. Avoid useless follow-ups and get the job done.

Turn conversations

into action

Transform meetings into grow.

Provide meeting feedback to improve things, to make each one count, to grow as a professional and as a team.


And it will take you only 5 seconds.

Inside your Calendar,

connected to your tools.

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Collaboration made

easy and effective

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